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New: blown away by florist in Switzerland

Blumengalerie starts stocking La Soufflerie’s handmade glass


What do florists want? Designs created to simplify a flowery life


When La Soufflerie glassblowing non-profit was set up almost a decade ago, Valentina and Sébastien looked for inspiration from the florists of Paris for their handblown designs.


When looking after flowers, there are certain things florists need from the tools of their trade: their vases need to hold enough water so as not to waste time changing it more than necessary. Petals need to be supported; stalks need to be arranged. If a vase can fit a bouquet with long stems, this means that the end of the stalk can be chopped off each day to let the flower easily drink in the water it needs.


Cycling around the streets of Paris and asking the florists what they need in order to do their job better was how La Soufflerie began in 2007. In Paris, you can cover a lot of ground pedalling from florist to florist. There are often multiple florists on each street, within several hundred metres of each other.


Any boutiques looking to follow Blumengalerie’s lead should contact jess@lasoufflerie.com for an up-to-date catalogue and order form.

Independent florists have always inspired La Soufflerie

We love this culture of small independent flowery boutiques, just like BLUMENGALERIE, a beautiful florist in St Moritz, Switzerland, which has recently begun stocking La Soufflerie handmade glassware. We are proud to be continuing our almost-decade-long tradition with florists. It has been an immense pleasure to work with the wonderful Claudia and the team.   Amongst the quirky selection of bottles and vases selected by Blumengalerie, Claudia took a liking to our interesting “CD” design. This piece is designed with a wide glass rim specially thought-up to support the petals of flowers.   Heavy peony heads, for example, begin to wilt as soon as their lower petals fall out. By arranging roses or peonies in the “CD”, we care for these delicate bloom and can make them live longer.  

The Back Room 144 Fumin Lu, Jingan
The Back Room Room 103, Central Park, 6 Chaowai Dajie, Chaoyang district
JIHEYOUPIN MULTIBRAND STORE No. 110 Wenhua Road, District Xiaoshan, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province


Via Rosatsch 9
7500 St. Moritz-Bad
T 081 832 24 94
M info@blumengalerie.ch

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