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Handblown glass in Antwerp

AM Designs now stocks La Soufflerie handmade glassware


Our handmade pieces are available in the exclusive interior design emporium, AM Designs. We now form part of the rich tapestry of ancient, contemporary, international, and local that is the spectrum of products collected and cherished by the Antwerp AM Designs community.


The motto displayed on the smart Antwerp website states: “Creating Timeless Living Spaces”. We are confident that the durable beauty of La Soufflerie handblown pieces will last a very long time in the design story that each Belgium-based customer recounts. Firstly, because our sturdy glasses are dishwasher-safe and last a very, very, very long time. Even our handpoured candles, once the burn time is through, provide you with a practical and attractive glass to use everyday. Secondly, thanks to the classic inspirations of our unique designs, fashioned one-by-one through traditional glassblowing techniques.


As well as our popular tumbler model, the Lyonnais glass in a selection of colours, AM Designs selected our 30cm Turquoise Assiette plate to showcase to their clients. This piece relies on the skill of each glassblower to create a sleek disk of molten glass. Then, the plate’s border design means that the craftman needs to use the pictured tool (left) to curl the still-liquid edge back on itself. Pressed together, the fine lip of the glass disk fuses into itself, thereby creating a thickness characteristic of the ancient glassblowing techniques that La Soufflerie is so keen to conserve.


What’s more, adding colour glass to the furnace makes the process less stable. The molten mixture can become more tough and less cooperative. The transparent/opaque balance is carefully overseen by our glass artisans: if the colour is too dark and thick, manipulating the form of the glass turns into an unrewarding challenge. As well as this simple detail, you can also feel the “bellybutton” of the glassblower’s cane on the base of each item. The raised glass bump should be right next to the cute Mr. La Soufflerie logo sticker. Our pieces have heart, and we are delighted to now be on sale at AM Designs, Antwerp.

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