Established in 2007, La Soufflerie is a non-profit, family owned and operated association ran by Sebastien and Valentina Nobile that aims to preserve the art of ancestral glassblowing.

We work in our studio-workshop in Paris to design original and timeless products from 100% recycled glass. These designs are then mouth blown by our expert glassblowing craftsmen. Each piece is unique and will vary slightly when blown.

Our attention to detail lends sophistication to a centuries old craft: it is glassware tradition that we can enjoy every day.


7 rue de l’Odéon 75006 PARIS

Our first official shop in the center of Paris is finally open !

Our boutique, started off as a bookstore at the beginning of the 20th century. Over the years the bookstore changed and even turned into an art gallery. The facade has always remained the same.

The passion is perpetuated as Sébastien and Valentina spent months restoring and renovating the interiors. After all of this hard work, we can proudly say 7 rue de l’Odéon is now our home.

We will be show casing our unique handblown, recycled glass designs, but not only ! You will also discover our new terra cotta pieces, a special edition of plaster artwork that represent a piece of history from the 6ème arrondissement which we are now in, and freshly hand poured candles.

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