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New York Times Sunday Insert

We can't believe how much love we are getting this holiday season and we are so grateful! Thank you for your support Alice Newell-Hanson and the New York...

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Campagne Decoration

Take a look at our mention in Campagne Decoration magazine! Merci Eva Batlogg for including us in this issue!...

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Thank You to All Our Glass Blowers!

Why is La Soufflerie a charity and why are we thankful for all of the wonderful people we work with?   The art of handmade glass is a tough job. It takes at least ten years to know how to create one of the bottles we design. It is an art passed on from generation to...

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La Famille at La Soufflerie

You all know about our Vase Tête pieces or "face vases" but do you know about the faces behind the brand of La Soufflerie?  We're starting a series called La Famille at La Soufflerie to introduce you to the people that make it all happen in our little atelier in...

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