La Soufflerie Wholesale Inquiries


We appreciate your interest in La Soufflerie!

Please note that we keep the number of accounts in any given area to a minimum. This allows you to offer a unique range to your customers at all times and does not allow a conflict of interest with surrounding shops. Check in the “Find Us” section of our website to see if there are any existing stockists within a 5km range around you and let us know.

However, if the focus of your store is different from an existing account or a distance away, please let us know.

We look forward to working with you!

Although we appreciate all businesses, we do not open accounts with online-only shops.


When we receive your order details, you will be notified of the estimated delivery time.

We take great care in the preparation and packaging of your orders. Each product is individually checked and washed before being carefully packaged. 

We are very concerned with ecology and the environment, your orders are prepared with 100% natural or recycled materials.


We do not do special orders or repairs.


To be considered for an account, please return the following information to us. The more information given, the faster your request can be answered.

Wholesale request

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