Diffuser l’amour de souffler le verre

La Soufflerie collaborates with glassblowers in Paris & around the world


We like creating our original designs in our Paris furnace. As we grow, we are more and more able to collaborate with glassblowers worldwide as well!

Firing up our oven so far this year has been a big success. We open up our Gentilly studio so that young & old (families welcome!) can witness artisans in action and share in this ancient glass tradition. It’s one of the best ways to raise awareness.

Our aims as a non-profit are to:
  • teach people about the craft of glassblowing by hand
  • learn more about this art from incredibly-talented glassblowers worldwide

We want to work with and learn from more than just Paris-based glassblowers. As La Soufflerie expands, we are able to travel and explore the techniques of amazing craftsmen from many different countries.

Collaborating with these highly-skilled masters is good for both La Soufflerie and glassblowers who may be struggling due to competition from industrial methods

Our production still takes place at our home base, but no longer exclusively in Paris. As we grow, craftspeople worldwide grow with us