Dites bonjour à notre nouveau membre de l’équipe

New Team Member: hello, Jess!

Here to help with your La Soufflerie communication needs

Most of you will already know Valentina and Sebastien, but for the past 6 months our small La Soufflerie team has had an extra member. Now working on our website, social media, and general communication, meet Jess.

What’s your favourite La Soufflerie piece?

I love the terracotta Incas vase! It’s a cool interior design statement piece, treading that fine line between cute and bizarre.

What does your job involve?

You can come to me for anything from the administrative to the most creative: general queries, glass orders, requests for photos in-situ, descriptions and text of any kind (in French/English/Spanish).

  • Would you like to write about La Soufflerie but need some colourful glass pictures to post alongside?
  • Do you want a written description of what our glassblowing workshop gets up to for your website?

I can help. My email address is jess@lasoufflerie.com.

 What do you like to write about?

It’s really fun watching cardboard boxes of glass get shipped out to interesting addresses all round the world. I want to write posts about each new store which stocks our pieces, as well as all our well-known boutiques who have been showing off our glass for years. Please send me photos of your shop so I can talk about you on our FacebookTwitterInstagram and Pinterest.



Ask for/send beautiful glass photos to Jess

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