Le Verger Nobile

Sustainable Living

Six years ago we bought an orchard (verger in french) in a town called
Ecquevilly… that day was born Le Verger Nobile.

Ever since, we spend our weekends there picking fruit, making homemade jam,
walking in the forest, petting the horses and bbq’ing with friends.

It has become our moment of peace, our getaway…
Working the earth and taking care of over 25 trees. We live without running
water and electricity for a short moment.
Our children pick up apples, pears, quetsche, and mirabelles. They crush walnuts
and hazelnuts for breakfast. And every season we bring blackberries, quinces, figs,
and grapes home to Paris.
This collection was inspired by and bears the name of our orchard,
Le Verger Nobile.

Portacandele & Portacandele Piccolo

Frigo Avec Bec

New Jars & Containers

Bagno Carré