Nouvelles ouvertures de magasins #Asie #Europe

Welcome to our new stores
#Asia #Europe represented

Whether you live in China or in Korea, find our new collection

Thierry Boutemy Flower shop

Rue Vanderkindere Straat 375
1180 Ukkel, Belgium
+32 2 649 39 49


6 rue Pillard
69220 Belleville
+33 6 21 89 52 59


1st Floor, 58-13, Itaewon-ro 54 Gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
+82 2 6081 9633

JIHEYOUPIN Mutibrand store

No. 110 Wenhua Road, District Xiaoshan, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province
+86 181 5730 7790

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La Soufflerie at The Hambledon

La Soufflerie at The Hambledon

Beyond thankful to our new stockists, The Hambledon in Winchester, England for their styling, written word and video making talent! We're posting on our blog about their blog... take a look at their post about how they came to visit us in Paris....

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Le Verger Nobile Collection

Le Verger Nobile Collection

Le Verger Nobile Sustainable Living Six years ago we bought an orchard (verger in french) in a town called Ecquevilly... that day was born Le Verger Nobile. Ever since, we spend our weekends there picking fruit, making homemade jam, walking in the forest, petting the...

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