Prêt pour les [#Bougies] de Noël !


La Soufflerie is inspired to make everything hand made. So we decided to partner up with our friend and candle maker Mélanie to make home made candles in our hand blown glasswear.

Launching our idea little by little we now present a limited edition of candles.

Handmade by our team in our studio. Get ready for Christmas…



Follow the process of creating each and unique candle with Melanie and our team…

Thank You to All Our Glass Blowers!

Thank You to All Our Glass Blowers!

Why is La Soufflerie a charity and why are we thankful for all of the wonderful people we work with?   The art of handmade glass is a tough job. It takes at least ten years to know how to create one of the bottles we design. It is an art passed on from generation to...

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