Guten Tag, La Soufflerie!

Handblown in Berlin’s Voo Store

Our glass lands in stylish Berlin concept store

The first La Soufflerie retail point in Germany is a moment to be celebrated; Warsteiner all round!  Expanding into a new country is an exciting venture for us & for our talented glassblower partners. This is a celebration that seems to be happening more & more frequently these days. Prost!

The variety of Voo Store’s wares is remarkable. Alongside clothing for men and women, this carefully curated concept store boasts an elite selection of books, candles, and now our stunning handblown glass. I have a lot of respect for the balance created between minimalism, quirky detail, and impeccable design; this really resonates with our look.

Which attractive models did this boutique select for their glass displays? Voo Store snapped up the last of our stock of famous head designs which have been responsible for creating a buzz online for the past few months.

Many thanks again to Voo Store and the team for being a pleasure to collaborate with. We hope your shoppers enjoy our original designs as much as we do.

All these pieces are created individually by a traditionally trained glassblowing craftsman: once the molten glass reaches the desired temperature and texture, a small amount is inserted into our handcrafted “head” mould and manipulated by hand (and breath) so that it takes on the intricate head design crafted into the mould. We have: a rounded, bobbly “Djamel Head”; an elfin, chirpy “Vase Tête”; a well-coiffed, regal “Déesse”; a dainty “Johnnas” complete with miniature spout & handle. Handblown Djamel Head and Vase Tête are now relishing the thrills and spills of life in Germany.

Voo Store

Voo Store

Oranienstraße 24, 10999 Berlin
Mon–Sat: 10am–8pm

Flash Pop-Up Shop

Flash Pop-Up Shop

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