It’s Candle Season!

The autumn chill is in the air and it’s the perfect time to start lighting your candles.  Candle season is here!








Do you know the story about how we started making candles?
The idea started with Melanie, a close friend of Valentina. Melanie is a true parisian hipster that searched all over Paris for the perfect all natural candles. When she couldn’t find the quality she wanted, Melanie, Valentina and Sebastien decided to make their own. It was from this experience that they started to pour candles in La Soufflerie pieces. That’s how Les Bougies de Melanie was born!






Our small batch production candles are hand made from the finest 100% natural wax in our Paris atelier. They are unscented and vegetable based, therefore they are bio degradable and eco friendly with no net release of carbon. Perfect for anyone that has any sensitivity to fragrance or allergies.

The candles are long lasting… A clean, long lasting burn!
Accidentally spill the wax? No problem, spills clean up easily with hot, soapy water.






All of our candles are made to order and hand poured by us in our parisian atelier. 
When we receive an order, we pour them and and once they cool, we hand wrap them with care for their journey to you.






We also have a beautiful collection of candle holders for stick candles. We’ve just released a new style called the Porta Candele that will be perfect to dress up your table for the coming up holiday season. They come in transparent and green, with and without handles to match any decor style.






Each candle is presented in a handmade, hand blown glass vessel made by our artisan glass blowers. We pour our candles in our drinking glasses, Verre Têtes, and jars.  Then once the candle has burned through, you have a whole new beautiful piece to use in your home. You get two things for the price of one! 



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