Candlemaking in Paris – Candlemaker wanted

Following the popularity of our beautiful candle collection, La Soufflerie is looking for someone with candlemaking know-how.

We love artisan candlemaking in Paris. We make our candles in our workshop in Gentilly (1 minute walk from the RER station). They are poured candles, made in many different shapes of glass container (you may already be familiar with the handblown designs into which we pour wax if you follow us on social media!).

Since we only use natural ingredients (soy wax and occasionally beeswax – never any paraffin), our candles are generally scent-free and without colour.

Job opening: candlemaking in Paris

As well as our own candle collection, we sometimes create made-to-measure candles according to each client’s needs. That’s why an in-depth knowledge of candlemaking would be a great plus.

Do you know what burns well? Do you know your wooden wicks from your wax wicks? Are you familiar with the science of candle composition?

Apply to join our artisan team. We’d love to work with you! Send an email to

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