Cou cou, chérie!

La Soufflerie chows down in style: see our handmade glass in a New York restaurant

What do Paris and N.Y.C. have in common? Le Cou Cou isn’t just taking French inspiration for their food

The N.Y. Times: “Daniel Rose, an American in Paris, comes home to cook”. Following a partnership with restauranteur Starr, every detail from this new eatery has been profoundly thought through. In the same way that exquisite, simple ingredients are essential to the success of a new recipe, the people that make our glass have years of hands-on, technical knowhow creating designs using traditional glassblowing techniques.

The skill and care that goes into working as a chef and whipping up the perfect Steak Frites is comparable to the passion our craftsmen share for the original models they create.

HANDMADE quality is extremely important to us. That’s why we’re  so happy to be a tiny part of this exciting restaurant venture in the Big Apple. Many thanks to the team at Le Cou Cou for your collaboration, and best of luck with the restaurant opening! We’re sure that the artisan, original designs and unique pieces will fit right in.

Le Cou Cou

Le Cou Cou

138 Lafayette st., New York, NY 10013
Telephone 212.271.4252
Mots clés : Nyc, store, Usa
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