Facets: Side One – our new collection

Facets: Side One

Family means everything at La Soufflerie.  We’re a family-run company after all!  We even consider our employees as extended family.  If you notice some of our products are named after employees current and former: Djamal, Jess with Hat, etc.

Our new collection, Facets, was inspired by the different faces we have throughout life.  A fresh and bright face young in life. A weathered but wise face late in life.  Hence our piece, Youngman/Oldman. Two different sides to the same piece. Youngman/Oldman is homage to the life of a story telling grandfather.  You know the one, with the endless tales of adventures and life back in the day that you’re not sure are true but love to hear.

Facets also includes representations of Chiara and Thibaut, the children of Valentina and Sebastien. Tout petite et tout mignon, (very little and very cute)!

They are the perfect vases for your most delicate little buds.


Baby Head, Jay Head and Moine Head are also some very interesting pieces in this collection.  While not inspired by an actual friends or family members, we are sure they have amazing stories to tell.

Years ago, Sebastien was lucky enough to work on the restoration project of the Saint Sulpice Church in Paris. One day he found these little heads in the basement of the church and was able to keep some of them. The little heads in FACETS today are from the molds he made of the originals.

Now you too can have a little piece of unique Parisian art in your own home!

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