The specifics of handmade glassware

We know that glass blowing is ancestral; it has more than 2000 years of history. However, very few glassmakers are still free-forming the glass piece by hand. At La Soufflerie, we do!

No machinery or moulds

Each piece is 100% unique: a combination of material and skill  shaped in a specific moment. Obviously, it is not a perfectly symmetrical piece, nor will it be exactly the same to the own blown earlier or later the same day.


These distorsions and textures are what remind us of the labour behind the craft. The ripples and optical distorsions are an integral part of our pride in each object. We believe this is the cherishable factor of free-from handblown glass. Here, the artist is also an artisan!

The real attention to detail is the one that is applied each time one makes something.

It is not the most economic way to produce glassware. However, it is the most personal and traditional method. Of course the use of moulds and compressed air can deliver identical glasses blown by the thousands. At La Soufflerie, it is the hand and eye of a specially trained craftsman that leaves a slight trace you can feel each time you pick up the piece.

Authenticity is what we strive for; uniformity is not something we desire. We are proud to present you the purest form of glassblowing.

« I love to find the beauty in everyday objects » – Dale Chihuly

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