La Soufflerie x Vanessa Bruno

We are huge fans of the french designer Vanessa Bruno. So when she asked us to collaborate on a pop-up she was organizing at Le Bon Marché in Paris, we naturally said YES!


The theme was Capri… La Dolce Vita! We worked with Vanessa to select some of our hand-blown, recycled glass pieces in the rich colors of green, blue, and yellow to match the vibrant colors you find on the island of Capri. We imagined using our glassware while we dined under a lemon tree with the warm ocean breeze ruffling our Vanessa Bruno dress all the while sipping on limoncello! Too cliché? Well, it’s our dream!

The Capri pop-up experience was created in the heart of the famous Le Bon Marché department store in Paris. The perfect ambiance was created to shop as if you were in Capri. Lemon tree and all!

Want some Capri vibes in your home? You can shop Vanessa’s selection on our e-shop now.

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#vanessabruno #lebonmarche 

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