La Soufflerie

La Soufflerie is a family owned and operated company that aims to support glassblowers. We preserve the ancestral art of glassblowing, based from our small studio workshop in Paris.

We use traditional tools and processes to create original, timeless products from recycled glass. These unique tableware designs are then handblown by our expert glassblowing craftsmen. We send our handmade collections of ethical, artisanal glassware to select boutiques around the world.


La Soufflerie's creative leaders, Valentina & Sébastien, smile in front of shelves of transparent handblown glass.

Established in 2007 as a cooperative of glassblowers, La Soufflerie offers an inspired range of tableware that is attractive, functional, and durable. Our attention to detail lends sophistication to a centuries old craft: this is glassware tradition that we can enjoy everyday.

La Soufflerie cares deeply about traditions and wishes to preserve the art of glassblowing. We believe in sharing our knowledge as well as our work through photographs, stories, articles and social media. If you wish to be part of our association as a glass afficionado or an expert glass-blower, please contact us.

Can go in the dishwasher
Yes. All our glassware is dishwasher resistant. The products can be cleaned in the dishwasher without breakage.
No fade over time
Will it fade over time? 
Pigmented glass is mixed into the furnace during the glassblowing. This means that the glass itself is coloured instead of painted. They are fully durable; no changes occur with continued use over time. 
100% hand-made
How do you know it’s 100% hand-made?
Touch the bottom of any piece to feel the trace of the glass blower cane