Jardin Enchanté Verre Palais Grand Bougie


We hand blow original designs from recycled glass using traditional artisan techniques. Our attention to detail lends sophistication to a centuries old craft.

• Made of recycled glass

• Hand poured using an all natural soy-blend wax

• Approximately 10cm high

• Illustrated by Carolina Spielmann

• Handmade, slight variations in color and size should be expected

Available in transparent glass.


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Jardin Enchanté Verre Palais Grand Bougie is part of a special collaboration between La Soufflerie and Carolina Spielmann called Jardin Enchanté.

The admiration and respect of nature has been the starting point for this collaboration. Inspired by green environments and all the creatures that live in them, this hand blown and hand decorated glass collection reflects an exploration of nature. Like walking along a hidden path in an enchanted forest or jungle, each object reveals a secret moment. In this magical journey, we can observe with big, open eyes the imaginary flora and fauna while listening to our pounding heart mixed with nature noises.

*All candles are made to order and hand poured by us! Once ordered, the glass will be illustrated by Carolina and then hand poured by us using all natural ingredients. Please allow two weeks for orders to be shipped out. We will send an email when the candle is ready to be sent to you.

Since these are handmade, there may be a slight variation in size. We think it makes the products all the more lovely!

Available in transparent.

Approximately 7.5cm wide and 10cm high

Hand wash only.


We begin processing your order on the following business day after the order is placed and we will send you a notification once it has left our studio, usually in 3-4 business days. Each piece that you order is hand washed, wrapped and packed by us. Your package will include a La Soufflerie cotton bag for all items under 20cm and a card. If your order is placed during the weekend or on a holiday it will begin to be processed the following business day.