Vase Droit




The Vase Droit is a tall and straight vase that is perfect for your larger bouquets. When we first started our company, we worked with florists in Paris to design pieces for them. We discussed what shapes and sizes of vases they needed for their different types of flowers. The Vase Droit is one of the first pieces we designed and it is still one of our most popular pieces.

Check out the Tappo Big to turn your Vase Droit into a container.

These are entirely made by hand and each creation is unique. Therefore, there may be a slight variation in color, texture, and size between each piece. On the base of each item, you can feel the pontil mark left by the glassblower’s cane. The presence of this mark indicates that the glass was blown freehand. This is the beauty of handmade.

The Vase Droit is available in dark blue, dark brown, green, light blue, olive, smoky, transparent, and yellow.

• Hand-blown using only recycled glass.

• Approximately 22.5cm high and 13cm wide.

• Size & shape will vary (approximately 1cm-2cm) from piece to piece.

• Colored with all-natural pigments that will never fade, even in the dishwasher.

• Each order is hand-washed, wrapped, and packaged with care.

Although most of our products are dishwasher safe, we do recommend that you wash them by hand to avoid scratches and to preserve their luster. All plaster and terracotta pieces are not suitable for use with water.

  • We begin processing your order on the following business day after the order is placed and we will send you a notification once it has left our studio, usually in 3-4 business days.
  • Each piece that you order is hand-washed, wrapped, and packed by us.
  • Your package will include a La Soufflerie cotton bag for all items under 20 cm and a La Soufflerie card.
  • If your order is placed during the weekend or on a holiday, we will begin processing it the following business day.
  • Certain items may take longer to be delivered, please see additional information in the description.
  • All images and text are © La Soufflerie. If you wish to use any of our images or text, please contact us for our consent before doing so. All images or text used from us on your online or offline support must be credited with La Soufflerie.
  • For all questions or returns please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

Additional information

Dimensions13 × 22.5 cm

Dark blue, Dark Brown, Light Blue, Smoky, Brown, Green, Olive, Transparent, Yellow

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