Recycled Glass: Practical, Sustainable, Beautiful

Over the past years, glass has become the first material of choice not only as a healthy and natural material for containing food and beverages, but also as a great example of circular economy. Glass is made initially from three natural, inert, and abundant ingredients: sand, limestone, and soda ash. It is pretty simple to recycle; it has no linings or laminates which need to be separated before the material can be reused. Once made, glass packaging is reusable and 100% recyclable… infinitely! 

In our glass making process, we use up to 100% of recycled glass, which means we reduce the use of raw materials and energy in the process. Recycled glass has a huge impact on our world today. It remains the best performing closed food loop grade in the world. Glass has a purpose beyond its primary use. It is reimagined and reused in our homes for practically everything.

This is also how we design and create our products. Each vessel is designed to be multi-functional for everyday use. If our pieces break or are not shaped correctly during the blowing process, we melt down and reuse each one of them. You can easily see the subtle nuances of color among each piece. A transparent item can have a greener reflection than another one. Another will be a bit smoky or blue. We love and admire these perfect imperfections. This is the main characteristic of recycled glass; getting to see each piece as it once was, and what it has now become; a beautiful new creation.


Perfectly Imperfect Glassware

Perfectly Imperfect Glassware

Glassware has been a staple in homes for centuries, and for good reason. It's a versatile material that is easy to clean, visually appealing, eco-friendly and perfect for serving drinks and storing things. However, the beauty of glassware goes beyond its...

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