Introducing The La Soufflerie Mobile !

Let us introduce to you the cutest new company car!

She was named « Ami » by Citroën, which means « friend » in french.

We here at La Soufflerie decided to baptize her the La Soufflerie Mobile because she is our delivery-super-mobile and environmentally friendly vehicle, 100% electric with zero emissions. We couldn’t hope for a better fit!
We can now navigate around the center of Paris to deliver all your click & collect orders in time. Our handmade glass from our atelier to our boutique is delivered for you to pick up for free and at your convenience! The doors of our Soufflerie-Mobile open super wide and the seats go flat down so we can fit a good amount of orders each week and perhaps a bottle of wine if you stop by the shop on a good day for apéro.

If you see us zipping by, make sure to wave! Vroom, vroom!

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