La Soufflerie handcrafts glassware with you in mind

Last year, we started doubting that you could see just how much of “you” went into the creation process of all our products. Now, with our new vitual vitrine (AKA revisited website), our collections are not only better showcased, but you get to see us and we get to hear from you.

We are delighted with some of the new website features

Our backstage photo feed, our list of stores worldwide and our newsfeed for you to know what we are working on as well as where’s the latest place we can be found.

Stay on top of things and join us on your favourite social network

Really! We are excited at La Soufflerie to be able to share with you our knowledge as well as our work through photographs, stories, articles and social media. We hope you enjoy these exchange spot as much as we do.